Month: December 2014

Post #4 – The WestConnex: Roads are for Chodes

Roughly two weeks ago I dragged my girlfriend along to a rally in the middle of our Christmas present shopping/hangover recovery walk through Newtown. It was essentially an occupation, the likes of which I’ve never quite seen before – in a skinny suburban street in the centre of St. Peters. Although the mood was jovial – with drum’n’bass DJ’s and pugs with sweaters aplenty – the reason for this rally was very serious indeed. Hundreds of people had gathered to occupy a main thoroughfare (and a park) in the centre of St Peters that is set for demolition (or so I’m told) if the state and federal government’s get their way. What the government is proposing looks a little something like this:

  1. a widening of the existing M4 Motorway from Parramatta to North Strathfield from two or three lanes each way to four;
  2. cuttings (or “slots”) along Parramatta Road from Strathfield to Taveners Hill;
  3. a tunnel from Tavener’s Hill to St Peters;
  4. a viaduct from St Peters to Tempe;
  5. a tunnel from Tempe to Bexley North; and
  6. a widening of the existing M5 Motorway from Bexley North to Beverly Hills from two lanes each way to four.

All sounds good once the proposal is summarised into numerical point-form as such, does it not? Who would be opposed to a new road, especially in such a congested, car-loving city like Sydney?

The two fellows that I referred to in my previous post also make an appearance this time around. Mike Baird, the Premier of NSW, and Tony Abbott, the Prime Minister of ‘Team Australia’ – both wholeheartedly embrace the WestConnex. And to let history repeat itself twice, I’m going to say that these two can get fucked, and I remind you that they are both manipulative arseholes. It’s a terrible idea and I will briefly tell you why in 10 easily digestible points. (more…)


Post #3 – Siege

So I sat in front of my computer at work about 9 in the morning on Monday the 15th, mulling over what to write for my third blog. I knew the government’s MYEFO was to be released at about midday, and a lot had already been leaked to the press – I assume as a way of softening the blow of such a massive budget blow-out. It was big news (I thought) and would most likely dominate the headlines for the rest of the week. How wrong I was…

At exactly 10:19, I received an email from my girlfriend into my work inbox. It was short, succinct and at that stage, confusing. It simply read: ‘Office in lock down :/’

Below this rather vague one-liner with a ridiculous emoticon in tow was a link to ABC News – whose information at this stage was also limited. “Police operation under way. It is believed a police officer has his gun drawn in Martin Place. More to come.” I looked up to the TV screen at work – the news-cast on the box also knew very little. For whatever reason, terrorism did not cross my mind. I questioned the intelligence of the man (or men) who decided it would be a good idea to hold up a cafe specialising in round little chocolate balls. Sure, they might have a few hundred dollars in the till, but an escape route from such a busy, central locale was near on impossible. Then I saw the flag planted – live – on the window of the cafe. He’s not planning on escaping – whoever has done this is right where he wants to be.

I was soon speaking to my girlfriend via mobile, who at this stage was worried. She works directly opposite the Lindt cafe and could see right inside the store. Their faces, the flag, the police with their weapons drawn – everything. Then the panic really set in. Rumours of the airspace shut down, reports of explosives inside the cafe and also strategically (more…)

Post #2 – Everybody Loves Bishop

So one thing that has really surprised me about the eventual demise of the federal Liberal party is the unwavering support Julie Bishop maintains amongst the electorate. She is not just begrudgingly tolerated by the electorate like Bill Shorten is, she is loved – adored by many for her truly intimidating stare and gruff attitude to former Commies in China and Russia. Those on the Left don’t seem to be bothered hating on her too much. Why would you – when you have a smorgasbord of rotting cheeses to peg your nose at in the fashion of Palmer, Abetz, Andrews, Brandis and Pyne? With the sniff of a Cabinet reshuffle and the talk (I dare to even mention it, but I must) that our dear leader may not even see out a full term, the enemies of the government have bigger fish to fry.

On this point, I tend to agree with them. She has made very few missteps, but that is only in comparison to her Coalition colleagues. Analyse Bishop as a singular, unitary actor though, and you realise (more…)

Post #1 – We Won… Kinda

So last night I went to bed with the news that even though the Coalition extended the sitting of the Senate, their ‘education reform’ bill failed 33 to 31 in favour of doing sweet fuck all to our education system because it doesn’t need to be privatised. The protests that spread around the country, of which I was a part of (that is me, with the Mohawk, getting roughed up by the ever-so-friendly NSW riot police) seemed to be in vain with Pyne so adamant the reforms would pass the Senate – but after the fact, I feel I now see the bigger picture. I remember straight after the protests in May, where my bright-blonde Mohawk was emblazoned across commercial TV, the Daily Telegraph and the like – the common response from people who knew I was involved in the protests was, ‘good on ya!’. However, when I showed them the decent bruises the police gave me that day; the students who were arrested for what I would consider seemingly innocuous ‘infringements’ – and the nonplussed attitude of the government to the students revolt; the question was asked by these very same people – what’s the point? They may have a point – was it going to all be in vain? As it was with similar student protests in California in 2009Britain in 2010, Chile in 2011 – and countless protests before that? Was I, and for that matter, and my fellow students, on the wrong side of history? (more…)

My Initial Thoughts: The Inner Machinations of a Newbie

So I’m going to start writing a blog due to peer pressure. The masses, the people, yearn to scroll over the handiwork of my salad fingers and brain combining to bash out sweet political poetry on my keyboard.

Actually I lie, only two individuals have recommended I blog my thoughts, and I’m certain one of those individuals said it in jest. The other was my dog, and the canine has a habit of feeding me furphies after a session of extreme frisbee in the backyard. Despite this, I’ll soldier on in the hope that somebody surfing the deep extremities of the interweb stumbles across my blog and decides to read (and possibly comment!) on whatever I’ve decided to ramble on about. In fact, I’d appreciate it if you did comment, because at least I’d know I wasn’t exclusively writing this for my own amusement.

‘But what are you going to write about?’, I hear you say.
‘Why should I pay attention to you?’ and ‘Why are you on my computer screen… is this a virus of some sort?’

Well, despite my ability to blather on, this is no virus. I’m honestly as pissed off as Peter Finch on crack and I’m simply “not gonna take it anymore!”. So I’m going to do what any good revolutionary does and fill up a bowl with chicken-flavoured Smith’s, re-adjust my seat and the Venetian blinds to ‘creep mode’ and take my rightful position in front of the PC to truly become a fully-fledged ‘keyboard warrior’.

You might think it’s petty to whinge about the calamities I face, my community faces, my country faces, the WORLD faces – all the while sitting in front of a digital screen in the comforts of my white, male, middle-class privilege. I would tend to agree with you – however considering the forces that be in the world, every little bit counts – including me writing a blog.

‘But who are you?’ I hear you ask, and ‘Why should I give a damn what you have to say?’. These are two valid questions, and I can only answer the first one with some gusto (and certainty). I don’t want to let on too much about my character, lest it weaken the narrative of any further developments on my blog (also, just read the ‘About’ section on this site… cereally, that ezzy) and nor do I want to bore you. I do not confess to be, as Tony Abbott so eloquently puts it, the ‘suppository of all wisdom’, but I feel I’ve been around the block enough to at least have a rough idea what I’m talking about. To quote the character Finch once again,  ‘I’m a human being, god-dammit! My life has value!’… and that is why, to sum up, I will blog. I have something to say, I might as well say it.  Furthermore, I’m currently completing a Bachelors in Political, Economic and Social Science at the University of Sydney, and this blog could well be a place to vent and internalize all I am presented with (or possibly just another place for me to bitch about how much I hate The Voice) and put forth ideas for change. So I hope you follow me on this journey, I hope you enjoy what I have to say, and I honestly look forward to your input. Agree, disagree, sign up to my blog, sit on a fence or just comment to inform me that your cats’ name is Mittens. It’s all good!