My Initial Thoughts: The Inner Machinations of a Newbie

So I’m going to start writing a blog due to peer pressure. The masses, the people, yearn to scroll over the handiwork of my salad fingers and brain combining to bash out sweet political poetry on my keyboard.

Actually I lie, only two individuals have recommended I blog my thoughts, and I’m certain one of those individuals said it in jest. The other was my dog, and the canine has a habit of feeding me furphies after a session of extreme frisbee in the backyard. Despite this, I’ll soldier on in the hope that somebody surfing the deep extremities of the interweb stumbles across my blog and decides to read (and possibly comment!) on whatever I’ve decided to ramble on about. In fact, I’d appreciate it if you did comment, because at least I’d know I wasn’t exclusively writing this for my own amusement.

‘But what are you going to write about?’, I hear you say.
‘Why should I pay attention to you?’ and ‘Why are you on my computer screen… is this a virus of some sort?’

Well, despite my ability to blather on, this is no virus. I’m honestly as pissed off as Peter Finch on crack and I’m simply “not gonna take it anymore!”. So I’m going to do what any good revolutionary does and fill up a bowl with chicken-flavoured Smith’s, re-adjust my seat and the Venetian blinds to ‘creep mode’ and take my rightful position in front of the PC to truly become a fully-fledged ‘keyboard warrior’.

You might think it’s petty to whinge about the calamities I face, my community faces, my country faces, the WORLD faces – all the while sitting in front of a digital screen in the comforts of my white, male, middle-class privilege. I would tend to agree with you – however considering the forces that be in the world, every little bit counts – including me writing a blog.

‘But who are you?’ I hear you ask, and ‘Why should I give a damn what you have to say?’. These are two valid questions, and I can only answer the first one with some gusto (and certainty). I don’t want to let on too much about my character, lest it weaken the narrative of any further developments on my blog (also, just read the ‘About’ section on this site… cereally, that ezzy) and nor do I want to bore you. I do not confess to be, as Tony Abbott so eloquently puts it, the ‘suppository of all wisdom’, but I feel I’ve been around the block enough to at least have a rough idea what I’m talking about. To quote the character Finch once again,  ‘I’m a human being, god-dammit! My life has value!’… and that is why, to sum up, I will blog. I have something to say, I might as well say it.  Furthermore, I’m currently completing a Bachelors in Political, Economic and Social Science at the University of Sydney, and this blog could well be a place to vent and internalize all I am presented with (or possibly just another place for me to bitch about how much I hate The Voice) and put forth ideas for change. So I hope you follow me on this journey, I hope you enjoy what I have to say, and I honestly look forward to your input. Agree, disagree, sign up to my blog, sit on a fence or just comment to inform me that your cats’ name is Mittens. It’s all good!


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