Month: May 2015

Post #26 – My Rules For Living In A Share-House

So I know my blog posts have predominantly been about politics and economics, but sometimes, just sometimes I go a little crazy and write about something like beer or Taylor Swift… I’m that unpredictable!  Anywho, my last few posts have been pretty deep and arguably a little wordy. So I thought I’d ruffle through some of my old stuff and give you something a little more upbeat. Below represents a chapter in my life when I used to live in a share-house in a bohemian and hectic part of this wonderful city called Sydney. At any one stage I lived with about 8 other people, and our landlord owned another Federation-era carbon copy of our building right next door at #125 – with another 8-9 people residing there. So 16-18 transient people from all over the world, all roughly the same age, with all our mates coming and going – living together. To say it was a lawless mad-house is an understatement. Days were crazy and nights were crazier. So crazy in fact, this OCD-riddled control freak had to write up some house-rules for the dwelling – 123 Bedford St. I’ve posted them below – word for word. These rules were printed out and put around the house for all to see. They’re tongue-in-cheek (most of them) so I hope you’ll find them humorous, and if you’ve ever lived in a share-house I’m sure you can relate. Enjoy!


  1. WWJD (WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?) – Well, probably not live in a share house for a start. But if he did, he probably wouldn’t take other people’s stuff without their permission. Don’t believe me? It’s in a little something called The 10 Commandments’ (it was referring to livestock mostly, but can be applied to things like (more…)

Post #25 – Marx VS Tocqueville: Who Got It Right?

I want to introduce our first contender to the ring… the young and sprightly Alex deeeee Tocqueville! To those who don’t know who Alex de Tocqueville is, you’re really missing out on a truly fascinating character. He was a rich French boy who left aristocratic France to check out this new thang called ‘democracy’ taking place over in the U.S over 200 years ago. He noted down in his famous books Democracy in America I & II that this ‘new world’ had way better living standards and better social conditions than those witnessed back in Europe. But he also criticised and critiqued the peoples’ relationship to the market and the nation-state in amazing detail. Another fascinating aspect of his writings essentially predict the ensuing racial issues that the U.S.A still suffers from to this day. An event like the continuing protests and acts of violence in Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore are not just isolated incidents instigated by solitary racist police forces in either Southern ‘hick territory’ or a shitty post-industrial city. According to Tocqueville, the very foundations of the American narrative are intrinsically tied in with their history of slavery and oppression – it is part of the DNA of modern America. The election of a black president matters for little – the United States is not post-race, and an understanding of Tocqueville’s writings indicate that it never will be. The damage has been done, (more…)

Post #24 – Are Countries With Nukes Really Trying To Save The World?

The Doomsday Clock, devised by the Chicago-based Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, now stands at three minutes to midnight, or doomsday. It has been adjusted 18 times since its creation in 1947. It has been set as close as two minutes to midnight, in 1953 when the United States tested a hydrogen bomb, and as far as 17 minutes from midnight, in 1991 as the Cold War expired.

Congratulations earthlings, as of the 23rd January 2015, we’re now only ‘three minutes’ away to literally wiping ourselves off the face of the earth! This is mostly due to the threat of nuclear annihilation (sprinkled with a bit of catastrophic climate change doom and gloom) because of our presumed inability to keep our finger off the red button. However, the big and muscly nations of the world see the whole matter differently – they’re turning back the clock, just like the very curious case that involved that Benjamin Button fellow. The great powers’ would like you to believe that their actions help it from striking midnight – and how could you not trust the sincerity of characters like Putin and Xi Jinping? That’s why they introduced the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT), an international treaty drawn up by the great powers’ (Nuclear Weapon States or NWS) with the advertised intention of promoting nuclear disarmament and promoting the peaceful use of nuclear energy. Nice bunch of guys just trying to protect the world, right? Well no, not really. The designated nuclear weapon states of China, France, Russia, the U.K and the U.S.A (NWS) finalised their implementation of the NPT by 1970, and continue their support in maintaining a tight control over who and ultimately who cannot attain nuclear weapons. For an example, look at all the current hoo-ha over Iran. This is in an era where everybody wants the bomb – from North Korea, to ISIS and the nice old lady next door. So I’m going to look at four main reasons why they want to keep nuclear weapons from being handed around like a pack of gum at an MDMA-fueled rave, and not all of them are as pure and altruistic as you may think.

Post #23 – Guest Post on UK Elections: Some Countries Do ‘Ave ‘Em

Although one can scarcely believe how the years have flown, it is indeed time for another general election in your founding nation. The last four years have raced by in a flurry of social media faux pas and Boris-baiting, and we once again settle in comfortably to watch the poshest toffs of Britain battle it out for a rather underwhelming island in the North Sea.

Our contenders this year are unsurprisingly the same poor old buggers from the last bout. In the blue corner, dressed head to toe in the tears of unwed mothers is the current big dog, David Cameron. Not content with a mere four years as the overlord of British politics, he’s back for another stab at the top job. This time though, I imagine he’ll attempt to shake off that ineffectual Clegg (who?) and run the gig solo. He’s taken a hell of a bashing in his first term but has impressed with his rubber-like facade and determination to convince us ‘we’re all in this together’. A man so convinced by his ability to connect with the working class, he was even seen wearing jeans in late 2013. His right hand man, George Osbourne, was given a smart phone in 2011 which immediately turned him into the next Cara Delvigne in terms of posting crap pictures no one gives a shit about. His attempts at being ‘down with the kids meets working dad’ saw him post a pic of his working-lunch burger; although at over 15 bucks for the bap (roll in English speak), was met with more snarky remarks than Joe Hockey’s ‘the poor don’t drive’ blasphemy.

In the red corner, weighing in with no discernible opinion whatsoever (more…)