Month: June 2015

Post #29 – The Real Reason Tony Abbott Hates Wind Turbines

Over the summer I drove past the Hazelwood coal-powered plant and adjacent open coal pit on the way to Melbourne. After Clive Palmers defunct Coolum Dinosaur Resort I’d have to say the Hazelwood power-station may just be the most hideous, ugly, obnoxious and downright backwards landmark in Australia. However, there are some amongst us who don’t seem to have a problem with coal-fired power stations at all. They happen to be the ones in control.

So when you think of coal-powered stations, the words ‘ugly’, ‘noisy’ and ‘visually awful’ are usually descriptive terms that spring to mind… unless you’re Tony Abbott. He’d rather apply such language to wind farms. You see, the captain of Team Australia really hates them, forcing commentators to come to the logical conclusions that he’s either in the pockets of Big Coal, a climate change sceptic or just simply an idiot. But the truth is actually a lot more simpler than that. He hates wind turbines for what they stand for, for what they represent. Let me explain… (more…)


Post #28 – Hate the ‘Gay Agenda’? There’s A High Likelihood You Might Be Gay Yourself!

So that conservative morals campaigner that we love to hate, Fred Nile, was on a special edition of Q&A last night talking about the changing Australian attitudes towards sexuality and gender. As this old, senile, uptight man in his 80’s further railed against the so-called negative effects of ‘promoting’ homosexuality in schools, I honestly thought to myself… could this man be gay? Yeah, yeah… he totally could be!

In other words, instead of sitting on a panel show on live TV being grilled by gays, would he rather just give up the charade and pash the bloke next to him? Would he like to one day ditch politics (to be honest he’s running out of time to do this) and settle down with a burly man named Bruce in Newtown? Possibly get a pug dog, open up a hairdressers on Enmore Rd and rave in any of the gay haunts in the Inner West high on poppers, heady with love and covered in glitter?


Post #27 – The Contradiction of the Modern Corporation

On September 15, 2008, the American investment bank Lehman Brothers filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection under U.S law. As an isolated case, heaps of different reasons can be suggested as to why such a large corporation failed – possibly mismanagement from within or simply just a victim of wider issues within the American housing market. What can’t be ignored, however, was that both the failure and/or success of many multinational corporations contradicted mainstream economic thought on a variety of different fronts during the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2007-8. It happened here in Australia too, with the government bailing out the financial behemoth Macquarie Bank at the height of the crisis (the details of the bail-out are still a state secret). Even seven years after such a shock to the global economy took place, the modern corporation continues to dispel specific ‘truths’ held within mainstream economic theory. (more…)